5 Healthy Snacking Options at Workplace

Working in the office all day long can be a difficult task especially when it comes to snacking and you have no time for it. And usually we end up having unhealthy stuff for a quick hunger snap. But, that can be avoided with some healthy options including a few salads, which can be made quickly.

These salads are also rich in fibre that keeps the stomach full for an extended period of time. As a result, extra calories are avoided, and you get rid of the junk food. Here are a few salads that you can try for your snacking while in the office.

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Bean and Peanut Salad

A bean and peanut salad is the best choice if you want to eat healthy while working. Some pieces of cherries, grapes, tomatoes, and cucumber can be incorporated in this salad, depending on the taste. It can be kept fresh by adding some basil leaves.

Broccoli salad

Since the broccoli in this recipe is raw, you should actually dress it at least an hour before serving to give the vegetables time to absorb the flavour. Even though it makes a fantastic side dish alone, including other protein sources (such grilled chicken or hard-boiled eggs) will transform it into a complete dinner.

Green beans salad

If you’re having this dish as a main course, you should serve it with another protein source because it primarily consists of vegetables and has only a small amount of goat cheese, walnuts, and almonds. Fortunately, you can eat these mild flavours with just about everything, even tofu and salmon.

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Grilled corn salad

If you can’t find fresh corn for this salad, substitute defrosted, frozen corn for canned corn for results that taste just as fresh. To ensure fullness, eat it with a protein-rich main dish like grilled chicken.

Loaded beans salad

This salad is clearly nutrient-dense despite the absence of leafy greens. Kidney or pinto beans, bl

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