97-year-old Granny Whose Photo Went Viral During Kentucky Floods Dies of 'Broken Heart'

Mae Amburgey, the 97-year-old whose photo surrounded by water during the devastated Eastern Kentucky flood in the USA went viral, has passed away. Confirming the news, the woman’s granddaughter, Missy Amburgey Crovetti revealed that she died of a ‘broken heart,’ implying that she was missing her home. “I believe she died of a broken heart,” she said was quoted as saying by Kntucky.com

After being rescued from her Letcher County Home, the 97-year-old was staying in Alabama with her son. The granddaughter believes if their Letcher County home wouldn’t be ravaged by floods, her grandmother would still be alive.

She claimed that it is the trauma of the incident that her grandmother couldn’t bear. She said, “I think if it hadn’t been for the flood, if she hadn’t suffered that trauma, I think she would have still been with us.”

Notably, the elderly woman was completely unaware of the fact that her bedside photo surrounding 4-feet-deep water garnered attention online. The photo showed the elderly wearing capri pants and a turquoise sweater already halfway soaked sitting on her bed which was partially submerged in floodwaters.

The 97-year-old clasped her hands around her knees, while the lower part of her body wasn’t visible due to the muck. Around her, were an overturned dresser, some artwork, a pillow with a shoe placed on it and a box of what appeared to be nutty bars.

Crovetti, who was in her home at Green Oaks tried to call her grandma after seeing the photo sent by one of her uncles. At the time, the 97-year-old was staying with Crovetti’s brother and uncle, both of whom didn’t answer her calls.

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The granddaughter who wasn’t sure if they’d escaped leaving the elderly behind, shared the photograph on Facebook with a plea. She hoped that the photograph would reach someone in Letcher County who could help the elderly woman. Post this, both Amburgey and her son were rescued from their house. According to Crovetti, her grandmother’s Letcher County house was destroyed by the flood.

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