Adobe Denies Using Your Images And Videos To Train AI Tech

Last Updated: January 19, 2023, 14:46 IST

Adobe claims its policies need to redrafted for better clarity

AI tech has evolved at a fast pace but users continue to have concerns about data policies of companies like Adobe and more.

Artificial Intelligence is making the news at a frenetic pace, but some of the headlines have been rather concerning, especially with a giant like Adobe in the mix. The company was accused of using images and videos from its users to train its AI systems.

Still, Adobe has denied those allegations and it claims that all the confusion has come from the wording mentioned in its Privacy and Personal data settings. Like most tech companies, Adobe seeks user permission to access its images and use them for developing and improving its products and services.

Most people took it for Adobe using their pictures and videos to train its AI systems but the company says the use of AI offers an improved experience for editing and other tools offered by its products. “For example, we may use machine learning-enabled features to help you organize and edit your images more quickly and accurately. With object recognition in Lightroom, we can auto-tag photos of your dog or cat.”

AI-based imaging tools have brought excitement among people but there is no denying that the technology has its quirks and concerns like these have been highlighted quite often by privacy experts.

Most of you would say that AI needs better control and companies like Adobe need to do better with highlighting these concerns in their policies and also tightening the norms of such practices so that people feel comfortable using their platforms. Bloomberg claims Adobe is going to roll out a new version of its AI policy and give users the control of whether they want to opt-in for such AI programs and if so how the company plans on using the data.

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While the likes of Dall-E 2 have shown enthusiasm around the tech, the recent episode involving Adobe shows the dark side of the advancement in AI. There have also been instances where AI-centric content has been accused of infringing the copyrights of other platforms.

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