AI Finally Showed Itself Beyond Smartphones In 2022

Last Updated: December 28, 2022, 20:00 IST

AI is now taking different shapes, going beyond smartphones

We have seen what AI can do on smartphones and business applications but now the cat it literally out of the bag thanks to new deep learning products.

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been around for years, nay, decades but its true potential is slowly getting exposed as computational technology evolves. Over the course of 2022, you must have come across terms like Dall-E, DeepMind and ChatGPT among others, all these are AI-generated products that have shown the world that you don’t need hardware to run AI.

Software-based applications have been few and far between till date, but things definitely took a turn this year, when you saw it implemented on the front end, allowing users to experience AI in its full might with the open source models.

You have seen AI making it possible to convert text into videos and photos, and the results have shown the maturity of the technology, so much so that companies are now confident of letting them out in the open, allowing people to fiddle with the tech and have some fun.

But it cannot be ignored that AI heavily relies on data which is now going to be available in abundance, these computing machines are learning at a faster rate, which means the results are much more accurate than ever. For instance, ChatGPT is basically a chatbot based on the GPT-3 language model developed by Open AI earlier this year and its intrigue has generated over 1 million users in less than a week.

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The tasks accomplished using ChatGPT are writing poems, creating hypothetical situations and asking the chatbot to generate the scenario which expands your imagination with the dose of AI. GPT-3 has been around for a while but ChatGPT has shown its best implementation so far. The popularity of this tech has created tension at Google, which now has devised a team of engineers to use its AI capability and develop a similar model that can become the talk of the town.

But any discussion about AI will be incomplete with Dall-E 2 in the picture, literally. The second-gen Dall-E was introduced in April this year by Open AI and its deep-learning image processing is now smarter and more powerful enough to produce images just using text prompts.

Open AI made sure the AI rendering was gradually rolled out for all users, which was made possible with the help of beta testers and later opened up the AI tech to millions. Fair to say that AI deep learning has matured and the resulting images posted on social media showed its potential. We all know the power of AI which has translated into powerful features on smartphones.

But there’s no doubt in our minds that 2022 was the gateway to AI becoming larger than life in the future and this is just the start for machine learning and data rendering systems to show what all it can deliver to the world.

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