Air India's New Grooming Guidelines Makes Hair Gel Mandatory for Male Crew Members

Air India has recently introduced an extensive set of grooming guidelines for its male and female crew members. The rules lay emphasis on everything from the uniform and hair to the make-up of the crew, according to the Times of India.

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For the female crew members, the detailed guidelines state that they must wear only gold or diamond round-shaped earrings with no design or ornamentation. The earrings should also not have pearls. Female members can wear a bindi with a saree, provided that it is not more than 0.5 cm in size. In addition, one ring in each hand is also allowed but its width should not be exceeding 1 cm. Women can wear only one bangle which must not have any design and stones in it, the report added.

The guidelines also specify the hairstyle that male and female crew members must have while on duty. Crew members with grey hair are required to regularly colour their hair in natural shade-fashion colours but cannot use henna.

For male crew with receding hairlines or bald patches on their head, the rules state that they must sport a bald look with their head shaved. Hairstyle such as a crew cut is not permitted for the crew. The use of hair gel has been made mandatory for the Air India male cabin crew.

Female crew members must not sport high-top knots or low buns and can use only four bobby pins that must be black. Air India has stated that female members have to strictly adhere to the allowed shade card for eyeshadow, nail paint, lipstick, and hair. The sheer calf-length stockings to be worn by the crew should match the skin tone, according to the guidelines. Besides these, religious thread on wrist, ankle or neck is also not allowed for any crew member.

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The crew members have also been directed to not wear the uniform and any of its accessories when off duty. Air India had issued extensive guidelines a month ago but recently released another document stressing the changes in the dress code of crew members.

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