Amputee Girl Skates Perfectly Well, Twitter Finds Video Inspirational

Social media is a repository of inspirational videos. Such videos can range from someone bouncing from a traumatic experience to starting a new way of life. One such video of a teenage girl has gone viral on Twitter. The clip shows her skating on one leg.

The video shows the amputee kid getting into position as people applaud her. She then starts to trace a path on what looks like a basketball court. She successfully traces her path marked in a particular colour. She makes an “8” shape twice precisely as the judges watch her. After doing so with full concentration and the right posture, she quickly moves to her mother who then gives her a tight hug.

Captioned, “Nothing is impossible. Mily Trejo is the Argentine National Champion of adaptive skating. Mom’s hug at the end,” the video has gathered over 39.5 thousand views on the micro-blogging platform and more than 1.3 thousand likes. People in the comments section went gaga over the girl’s achievement.

The girl became the Nation’s Adaptive Skating Champion of Argentina after tracing her course twice successfully.

A user wrote – “Graceful, poised, relentless. Shining bright.”

Another user wrote – “So beautiful! I used to live in HI – one of the most talented and beautiful hula dancers I’ve ever seen had one leg. She danced professionally until she retired to get married and have a family. No limits!”

A third user commented – “Absolutely amazing! Determination, talent, & just plain guys!! You GO girl!”

A fourth user also commented in support of the girl and wrote – “Its beyond humbling. And as tough a life we have, we strive forward”

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