Apple Users Could Soon Have Ads In Apps Like Maps, Books And More

Last Updated: August 17, 2022, 17:18 IST

Apple has usually been a big critic of technology companies pushing ads to their users, but turns out, that the iPhone maker has its own plans with a similar agenda. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple is looking to expand its advertising business and push ads across more of its software products to its users.

Some of you might be aware that Apple currently shows ads in the App Store, Stocks and News app, but new developments suggest Apple could bring ads to other apps like Maps, Books and even Podcast in the near future. The Apple version of ads is basically promoting another app under a specific banner, allowing people to differentiate between a regular listing and an ad.

Apple is expected to give its users the choice to disable personalised ads but even then, the report says the company will have access to data such as device type, content the user reads and even the operator on which their iPhone is active. Even for a company valued at trillion dollars, it seems the lure of advertising money is hard to ignore.

And it is quite something that Apple is willing to push ads when it clearly instructs other platforms from doing so on iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Facebook has been one of the biggest losers after Apple changed its App Store policies, rendering the social networking giant millions in revenue.

We are not sure how Apple users are going to feel about these changes, especially when the company has managed to lure people from Android to iPhones purely because of its anti-tracking stance. Apple has been building a repertoire of its own apps, which allows the company better control over the content and even the regulations put in place for its partners and developers.

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