Apple Wants To Replace “Hey Siri” Wake word To Just Siri For iPhone Users

Last Updated: November 07, 2022, 14:21 IST

Hey Siri will soon become a thing of past for iPhone users

Siri is Apple’s voice assistant for iPhone and HomePod users and very soon your trigger to activate Siri could change.

Apple is looking to change the fortunes of its voice assistant Siri by giving it a new wake word for iPhone users. That’s right, according to a new Bloomberg report, the company wants to ditch “Hey” from the wake word and replace it with just a simple “Siri” by next year or 2024.

What this means is that in a year or so, iPhone users can just say Siri, and it will trigger the voice assistant to seek your command/action. The report claims that Apple will have to do a lot of work behind the scenes to make this smallish change work effectively.

After all, asking the AI to listen to the user’s command with a new wake word could involve a lot of relearning for the systems, which now pick up different languages. In addition to this, the report mentions that Apple could take Siri to third-party apps in the near future, which will be a dramatic turn of events at the Cupertino-based tech giant.

Allowing third-party developers to access the underlying code of Siri goes against every fabric of what Apple has adopted over the years. But it seems the company realises that Siri needs external help to become effective, which is the crux of any AI-based system.

AI machines need more data to become smarter, something that Google has mastered over the years. Siri has been primarily lacking on this front because of Apple’s strict governance over users’ data. But all this could change if Siri is going to become mainstream in the segment. Removing Hey from the Siri wake word will also help Apple to differentiate its voice-based triggers for iPhone and HomePod users.

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And with the company keen on refreshing its smart home device lineup in 2023, Siri will have to become more reliable, not only in the US but in other markets as well to succeed.

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