Are Brown Eggs Better Than White Eggs?

Eggs are a good source of protein as they contain unsaturated fats and essential nutrients including Vitamin B6, D, and B12. Eggs come in two shells, white and brown, and many people tend to believe that brown ones are healthier and more natural. Are you confused about which one to pick for your diet? Busting a popular belief, celebrity chef Kunal Kapoor reveals both white and brown eggs have almost the same amount of nutrients present in them. In an Instagram Reel, the chef explained that the colour of the eggs is determined by the feathers of the hen. “A brown-feathered hen will give brown eggs while a white-feathered hen will hatch white eggs,” he said.

According to Kunal Kapoor, all that people should keep in mind is the freshness of the eggs. He advised people to buy only those eggs that are stored in a refrigerator. “If kept outside, it is best to avoid,” he added. Watch the video here:

If the nutrition profile of both eggs is similar then why brown eggs are expensive?

Although both white and brown eggs are the same in all factors other than their colour, the cost of brown eggs is more.

According to Healthline, the difference in the price is one of the reasons why many assume brown eggs are healthier and are of higher quality than white ones. But the reason behind the rate is that brown egg laying hens are larger and lay few eggs than those who lay white ones. So, the price of the brown ones is kept higher to make up for the extra costs.

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Do white eggs taste different from brown eggs?

White eggs and brown eggs taste the same. Any change in the taste is not due to its colour. Instead, it could be affected by a majority of reasons including the freshness of the eggs, cooking method, and the diet of the hen.

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