Are You Aware of Benefits That Malasana and Kawa Chalasana Offer?

Last Updated: September 05, 2022, 13:25 IST

Stand straight on your mat and keep a little gap between the two legs.

Malasana stretches the hips and the pelvic area.

Yoga not only helps keep our bodies healthy but also our minds and souls at peace. If you start the day with yoga, you will be able to keep yourself fit both mentally and physically. There are two yoga poses — Malasana and Kawa Chalasana — that offer many benefits.

Yoga instructor Savita Yadav says that regular practice of Malasana removes the problem of constipation. It causes a stretch in the lower back i.e., hips and pelvic area, which makes these organs strong. The regular practice of this yoga pose tones the abdominal muscles and brings flexibility to the ankles and knees.

How to do Malasana:

Stand straight on your mat and keep a little gap between the two legs.
Take a deep breath and sit down while bending the knees while exhaling.
Now spread your thighs slowly and rest your hands on your knees. Keep your waist straight.
Now sit in this posture for some time.

The other yoga pose that helps remove the problem of constipation is Kawa Chalasana. Let’s see how to perform the yoga pose.

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Bend your knees and sit in the posture of Malasana.
Keep in mind that your heels are touching your hips.
Now bend the knees and sit on the toes and keep your hands on the knees.
After that, rest one knee on the ground on the inside and lift the other leg and move it forward and rest it on the ground.
Now step forward and rest your other knee on the ground and keep the first leg forward.
Do these 20 to 25 times.

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Let’s take a look at the benefits of Kawa Chalasana:

It strengthens the arms and wrists
Kawa Chalasana also stretches the upper back
It strengthens the abdominal muscles
Opens the groins
Tones the abdominal organs

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