Arguing About These 4 Things Can Bring You Closer As A Couple

Fights are common in a relationship. The popular belief that fighting, especially with your partner or spouse, can be bad is wrong. Arguing and putting across your opinion is far better than going to sleep angry. While you may try to avoid a fight altogether, it is better to fight it out than to hold back your anger. There are some fights that can lead to a stronger bond and bring you and your partner closer and feel more connected with each other-

1. Money

It may be one of the most awkward arguments that you may face endlessly. Their way of spending, debts, or splurging can be stressful and become a problem. Financial matters are always sensitive and can escalate other problems in the relationship as well. It is better to identify the problems and address them soon. If your partner keeps splurging, but you want to save to buy a house, work out a strategy where you both are actively saving up. Once you figure it out, it will only make your personal bonding strong.

2. Communication style

How you both choose to communicate will differ and that may give rise to fights. What makes you feel heard or seen, or how you express your emotions can lead to misunderstandings which can cause arguments. Taking a pause and trying to rephrase your sentence can erase any doubts. A healthy argument also means having the intent to resolve it by making oneself willing to listen. On the other hand, express your needs and wants clearly. Share your fears and insecurities.

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3. Dividing the chores

At times it may feel like one of you is doing all the laborious work and another person is not doing enough. Such cases may cause you both to have fights. Chalk out your schedule and assign tasks and responsibilities to each other. If you are cooking, ask your partner to wash the utensils. If your partner is doing the laundry, make sure you fold the clothes and keep them in the cupboard. You can switch or you can choose to do a certain task like cooking together as well. Splitting up the tasks will make it easier for you both to work harmoniously.

4. Habits you dislike

They leave their damp towels on the bed or walk around the house wearing their sports shoe, or they do not go to the doctor when they fall sick. All these may seem like small issues at the beginning, however, they may lead to major fights if not worked out. In a healthy relationship, a person is willing to identify their wrongs and let go of their bad habits by working on them. Discuss and work together.

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