Bhubaneswar Locals Form Human Circle for Injured Snake Stuck on Road at Midnight

Bhubaneswar Locals Give Company to Injured Snake Stuck on the Road at Midnight (Photo Credits: Twitter/

A man took to Twitter to share videos and photos of how the Bhubaneswar citizens formed a human circle to keep the injured snake company as it was stuck on the road at midnight.

A heartening incident took place in Bhubaneswar, where locals helped an injured snake that was stranded in the middle of the street at night. Instead of being fearful or ignoring the snake, the locals gathered around and kept the animal company until a rescue team arrived to take it to safety. A man, touched by this compassionate act shared the story on Twitter, expressing his joy at the locals’ kindness towards the injured creature.

The man took to the micro-blogging site to share videos and photos of how the citizens formed a human circle at Nalco Chakka area to keep the injured snake company as it was stuck on the road at midnight. He revealed how they diverted vehicles to ensure the safety of the snake and alerted the snake helpline about its condition. In the accompanying clips, one could also find the locals ensuring that the snake was given a safe and comfortable environment, even at 2:30 a.m., until its rescuers arrived.

Sharing his delight over the incident, the man who posted the videos wrote, “In a world of unrest, discord, bigotry, disharmony and all things bad, it’s reassuring to see humanity occasionally consoling you that it’s not gone yet, not entirely. To the amazing souls who kept a snake company last night. “

The locals’ empathy towards the injured snake also reflected their reverence for serpents, which are considered a divine symbol as Lord Shiva has a snake as a garland around his neck. The user revealed how some locals made apologies to Lord Shiva for not being able to fully help his ‘child’, the injured snake.

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While the cause of injury to the snake remains unknown, the compassion shown by the people towards the injured animal is truly inspiring and a reminder that even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, humanity still exists.

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