‘Border Standoff Bilateral Issue between India, China, Russia Will Stay Away’: Alipov

Russia said the border standoff between India and China is a bilateral matter between both nations and Moscow will not get involved, the Russian ambassador to India, Denis Alipov said.

Alipov said that there were certain countries who would benefit from encouraging suspicions between India and China. He said that Russia is hopeful that India and China will find a quick and peaceful resolution to the border disputes.

“We only encourage them to find a quick and peaceful resolution unlike some other countries who, in our view, only encourage the suspicions between both countries,” Alipov was quoted as saying by agencies.

He also said that Russia supports Union external affairs minister S Jaishankar’s view that the future of Asia lies in stronger ties between India and China. Alipov said Russia is supportive of such an approach but also remains mindful of the tensions between both countries.

Alipov told the Indian Express that the S-400 air defence system’s delivery to India is on schedule and delays in the construction of transport frigates are not attributable to the Ukraine conflict.

Speaking on the Ukraine issue, he also pointed out that the call for peace, dialogue and diplomacy that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made during his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the SCO is being tailored by the West to suit their rhetoric on the war in Ukraine.

Alipov was referring to French president Emmanuel Macron citing PM Modi’s remarks. PM Modi in Uzbekistan told Russian president Putin: ‘Today’s era is not an era of war.’

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He said western leaders are only picking parts of the conversation that suit their narrative and avoiding parts of the Modi-Putin talks that they did not like. He said India is displaying concern regarding the situation in Ukraine and said Moscow also wants a peaceful resolution.

Alipov also said that Russia will stop supplying oil to global markets if the G7 imposes an unfair price cap on Russian oil exports.

Alipov said it will not be beneficial for India to pay heed to calls made by the Western countries asking it to be part of the oil price cap coalition. New Delhi said it would carefully examine the proposal before making a move.

(with inputs from ANI and the Indian Express)

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