Bruce Lee May Have Died Due To Drinking Too Much Water; Know More About Hyponatraemia

The legendary martial artist and actor, Bruce Lee, died at the age of 32 on July 20, 1973. About 50 years after his death, scientists have now claimed that he may have died because of “drinking excessive water.” Till now the doctors believed that his demise was caused as a result of cerebral oedema, swelling in the brain brought on due to a painkiller. According to the researchers, the oedema was caused because of hyponatraemia. Their study published in the Clinical Kidney Journal contends that Bruce Lee died because his kidneys were “not eliminating extra water.”

As per recent studies and findings, hyponatraemia may be the cause of his death. It is brought on when someone drinks more water than necessary and the sodium levels in one’s body get diluted. As a result of this, the cells in the body, particularly the ones in the brain get swollen due to an imbalance. According to the journal, the conclusion that the scientists got to was- “We hypothesize that Bruce Lee died from a specific form of kidney dysfunction: the inability to excrete enough water to maintain water homeostasis, which is mainly a tubular function.”

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While adding to the same, they said, “This may lead to hyponatraemia, cerebral oedema (brain swelling) and death within hours if excess water intake is not matched by water excretion in urine, which is in line with the timeline of Lee’s demise.”

For the unversed, Enter The Dragon star Bruce Lee, played a vital role in helping bring martial arts into popular culture. He is deemed to be the most influential martial artist of all time. Moreover, a pop culture icon of the 20th century. One of Bruce Lee’s major philosophies was to ‘Be water my friend’. The researchers said that ironically excess water appears to have untimely killed Lee.

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