Burrito in 31.41 Seconds, 12 Hot Dogs in 3 Minutes: Florida Speed-Eating Couple Breaks Record

A Florida couple, Miki Sudo and Nicholas Wehry, who are both competitive eaters scarfed down 18 flavourful franks on October 22 this year. The duo from the city of Tampa, USA, also known as “Hungry Couple” broke the Guinness World Record for “speed-eating hot dogs and burritos.”

While Miki broke the previous record of three hotdogs and gulped down six weiners in one minute, her husband engulfed 12 hotdogs, surpassing the previous record of 9 in three minutes. Miki proved her unmatchable speed by downing an entire burrito in 31.41 seconds. She broke the previous record by 0.88 seconds.

The gustatory athletes are competitive-eating veterans who met one another because of their love for the sport. Their love story began in the year 2018 at a hotel gym prior to participating in Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Miki told the record-keeping organization, “We actually met at the gym on the morning of the largest eating contest on our circuit.” Now, the couple is married and also has a kid together.

In the female category of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, since 2014 Miki has been winning the competition for seven consecutive years. On being asked about how the hot-dog-destroying couple power through so much food at once, Nicholas responded by saying, “We have two completely different styles.” After admitting that eating competitively is different from eating for Guinness World Record, Nicholas added, “Eat the hot dog down, while I’m doing that fold this [the bun] in half, dunk it, and remember…the bun is a drink. The bun is not food, it is a drink to chase your hot dog.”

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Nicholas has participated in several competitions and has admitted that the hardest one for him was devouring a 12-inch pizza.

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Source: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/news/2022/11/love-at-first-bite-speed-eating-couple-devours-three-new-record-titles-726558


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