California Announces Ban on Sales Of Petrol Cars By 2035

California has become the first US state to ban the sale of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) conducted a meeting recently wherein it carved out stringent policies focusing on banning the sale of gasoline powered cars by 2035. In addition, the board also discussed strategies to phase out the cars by the said deadline.

“This is monumental. This is the most important thing that CARB has done in the last thirty years. It is important not just for California, but it is important for the country and the world,” said board member Daniel Sperling, in an interview with CNN.

As per the new rules that come into effect soon, the board has set up interim quotas for zero-emission vehicles. A total of 35 percent of all new cars, small pick-up trucks, and SUVs, will have to be zero-emission by 2026.

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By 2030, 68 percent cars will have to be zero-emission, before reaching a full 100 percent by 2035. Having said that, it is to be noted that these interim quotas would not apply on vehicles that are already in use. Used vehicles will be allowed to stay on the roads.

“The car companies see what is happening in China, Europe. Many of them have already made announcements about how they are converting totally to electric vehicles,” Sperling said. Adding weight to the point, Sperling mentioned how less of a debate the drafting process received as companies, too, are buckling up for the shift in energy sources.

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The decision taken by the CARB is monumental and is expected to initiate a domino effect. It is because California is the largest buyer of cars and trucks in the United States. The ripples of it are expected to be strong and transforming.

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