Can You Find 6 English Words in This Optical Illusion? You've 20 Seconds

The Internet is flooded with a lot of amazing optical illusions. For some, it can be an interesting task, while for others, it’s difficult. What we have brought for you today is an optical illusion in which you have to find 6 English words. These words are very carefully concealed in the picture. This picture shows the scene of a room where people are carefully engrossed in reading. The difficulty level is increased with a condition that involves a time limit of 20 seconds in solving this illusion.

Just one random look is never enough to crack any optical illusion. It requires a lot of patience and powerful observation skills to decode any illusion. If you are not able to solve this illusion in 20 seconds, here are some hints.

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Observe the books people are reading in this picture. The book the lady is reading has two alphabets (O, R) on the cover page. The other two missing alphabets can be seen in the hair and dress worn by this lady (S, T). Another alphabet Y is made between her leg and book. This makes a meaningful word STORY.

For the remaining words, see the sofa on which the man is sitting. The word NOVEL is concealed in the sofa. Now observe the spectacles of the man. The round-rimmed glasses are two alphabets O and O. The ear of this man is folded in the shape of the alphabet B.

Another alphabet can be found in between sofa and table lamp i.e- K. This makes the word BOOK. Little more patience can help you in decoding the other three words as well.

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Look at the tree and you will find the word WORDS. Alongside the tree, a boy is lying on the sofa and reading a book. There’s your next word, PAGE, on his dress.

There is one word remaining and that can be found joining alphabets on dog and girl’s hair. Alphabets R and E are concealed in the dog’s hair and A, and D are hidden in the girl’s hair making a meaningful word READ.

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