China: Students Protest Against Covid Policy Using 'Friedmann Equation' | Here's What It Means

ewsChinese people including university students in the major cities of Beijing and Shanghai are dissenting against stringent Covid-19 lockdown rules. People protested against the country ‘Zero Covid’ policy using several peculiar techniques, one of which stood out and went viral on social media.

Students from the Tsinghua University were seen holding papers with the “Friedmann equation”, a physics formula that roughly translates to “free man”. As the pictures went viral on social media, several users termed this manner of protest as “extraordinary, historic moment in China.”

Nathan Law, who is an activist in Hong Kong, shared the picture on his Twitter handle. Apart from “free man”, another view on the equation is that it symbolises a free and “open” China, because the Friedmann equations describe an “open” (expanding) universe.

The protests came nearly a month after President Xi Jinping was elected as the ruling party’s top leader for a third consecutive term. They have now spread to Shanghai, Beijing and many parts of the country in the last few days

People are protesting against the stringent Covid-19 policy under which cities and localities are kept under prolonged lockdowns and isolations.

However, China continued to dismiss concerns over its controversial ‘Zero Covid’ policy despite perpetual demonstrations in parts of the country. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian defended the arrest of a BBC journalist covering the demonstrations in Shanghai, maintaining that the scribe did not present his media credentials.

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Beijing is witnessing such protests the most, even as the city reported close to 40,000 coronavirus cases and authorities scrambled to contain the fresh surge in infections and protests against the Xi Jinping regime.

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