Dad Delights Daughter By Making Her Milk Bottle Using His Bartending Skills

Parents can go to any extent to delight their kids. From taking children to an amusement park to indulging them in playful activities, parents use various techniques to keep their kids busy. One such video of a dad preparing a bottle of milk has gone viral on Twitter.

With the looks of it, the father seems to be a professional bartender. However, the video doesn’t show him in a bar. Rather, he dons his uniform at home and is ready to serve his daughter seated across the counter. With the daughter and her favourite teddy bear as the customers at the bar, the father starts to prepare his daughter’s milk after serving her a glass of water. He even pretends to ask her which drink she would like but only gives her milk.

While making the milk, he even juggles the glasses and uses his bartending tools to pour water and milk powder into her bottle. After pouring the water, he puts in four spoons of milk powder. He then offers a little more water to his daughter to fill up her glass and pets the teddy. He then puts the empty bottle away and does a little dance step.

The father then continues to make her milk by putting on the lid and shaking it as he would make a cocktail at a bar. To give the whole setup a genuine bar feeling, he even has a jack Daniel’s bottle placed in front of the teddy bear.

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The video has gone viral with over 1.92 lakh views and more than 69.9 thousand likes. Users appreciated the dad in the comments section. Others found the video hilarious.

A user said – “Brilliant Dad. Anyone notice the bear guarding the Jack Daniels bottle?”

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