Dad Returning From Kid's Birthday Party Dies After GPS Leads Car Off Broken Bridge

In a tragic accident that came to light on September 30 in the US, a man returning from the birthday celebrations of his daughter after his vehicle fell off a broken bridge that dropped off into a stream. The man, Phil Paxson, father of two, was driving at night in the rainy weather and using GPS for navigation when the accident occurred. The errant directions provided by the navigation system, as well as the lack of any barricades signifying the dead-end resulted in the unfortunate situation.

The incident took place in the Hickory City of North Carolina over a week ago, when the 47-year-old was driving back home in his jeep after celebrating his child’s 9th birthday. Linda McPhee Koenig, Paxson’s mother-in-law, took to the social networking site Facebook to reveal the loss their family had suffered. Koenig wrote that Phil was taking directions from a GPS on the night of the accident as it was “a dark and rainy night”. According to the post, the navigation system ended up guiding Paxson down a concrete path to a bridge that opened up into a river. Per Koenig’s account, the bridge has had a dead end since it was destroyed almost a decade ago, with no repairs being done ever since.

The mother-in-law claimed that the bridge did not have any signs or safety barriers that could have cautioned Paxson about the danger. “It was a totally preventable accident. We are grieving his death,” the post read.

Phil’s sister-in-law has organised a GoFundMe to crowdsource money for the family.

Meanwhile, North Carolina State Highway Patrol has conveyed that the barricades meant to warn drivers of the destroyed bridge were removed from the surrounding region. The authority further added that the road leading up to the bridge is not owned by a local municipality or the state, reported WCNC-TV.

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Kayla Bubar, Paxson’s sister-in-law, told the news agency that she is hoping to find out who is to be held responsible for the destroyed bridge.
“Phil did not deserve to die like that and it is a horrible thing to go through. His children now have no father,” Bubar said.

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