Dangerous Or Fake? This Ad Playing On A Bus Leaves Internet Speechless

Last Updated: February 28, 2023, 19:49 IST

Can we call it one of the most unusual commercials? (Image Credit : Twitter/@DrVivekBindra)

People think that this video is dangerous because it can lead to distraction and cause accidents.

A new attraction is in town and it’s taking the streets by storm. A bus unlike any other has been spotted cruising down the road, catching the attention of many with its mesmerising videos for advertisement all around. It is not uncommon to see banners pasted on the side of vehicles used for advertisements but this one takes the cake. The eye-catching visuals are sure to draw all the attention. The short clip was shared on Twitter by the CEO and Founder of Bada Business, Dr Vivek Bindra. The video ad running on the bus amongst the busy street was seen showing a group of people dancing. The 40 Under 40 entrepreneur asked people to share what they think about this advertisement.

The video has already generated quite some buzz on social media and people had mixed reactions to the motion advertisement. It might just have a catch. While most considered it dangerous because the video might catch people’s attention and cause accidents. Others were sure that this was a heavily edited shot. According to them, the green colour of the bus might have been used as a green screen to add the clip over it. A Twitter user wrote, “This type of thing makes more disturbance while driving. We all have to avoid this type of invention that catches our eye and distracts us. And one more thing we all need to change, don’t use extra light or focus light if you don’t need it while driving.”

Another user wrote, “How is nobody noticing? It is a green bus with poor editing”

“Concerned Police Authorities should step in and immediately ban plying of this bus for the Safety of other vehicles and pedestrians on the road and nullify chances of an accident and Injuries as the animated ad can distract the mind of drivers of other vehicles and cause traffic congestion,” read another tweet.

However, this is not the only unusual advertisement floating around the internet. A man put out an advertisement looking for a roommate but with some of the most “unreasonable demands” out there. Forty-four-year-old Owen shared that he is looking for someone to share his house with, but there are some unique requirements if you want to be his roommate. The bizarre and consisted of a typed poster with a list of requirements printed on it. These requirements included being a single lady between the ages of 18 and 25 who is prepared to cook and clean. If that was not terrible enough, Owen also mentioned that the flat only has one bedroom. The list went on to include that alcohol, drugs, and pets were not permitted in the home, to name a few bizarre things.

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Needless to say, social media users were outraged.

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