Daughter of Fishermen Killed in Cyclone heads to Middlesex University to Pursue MBA

Five years after a fisherman was killed in the Ockhi Cyclone in Kerala, his daughter is now set to go to London for her MBA at Middlesex University. The fisherman, Johnson, was reported missing on the eve of Christmas and as destiny would have it, his daughter, Neethu will leave for London right before Christmas.

The girl’s older siblings, Nithya and Nidhi, final year BDS students, forfeited their portion of the aid they received from the state to support their younger sister in realising her aspirations, reported a leading news daily. The three siblings aspired to become doctors. However, the youngest sibling had to let go of her dream due to a lack of funds for medical school.

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After Neethu received her acceptance letter from Middlesex University, the state government approved a directive easing the criteria for the disbursement of the promised relief sum. According to the national daily, the fisherman was assumed dead after a few weeks of him missing in 2017. His wife now wants to fulfil her husband’s dream of providing his children with a good education.

Relatives of the family pushed the mother to get their daughters married from the money they received as compensation. However, she wanted to see them complete their father’s dream.

Neethu’s acceptance to Middlesex University for her MBA is one big step towards this dream. Neethu, who was a botany student at the St Stephens College in Pathanapuram thanked her teachers, and advisors for guiding her through. She said that she wanted to pursue PhD from Middlesex University and the MBA was just her first step. She planned to work part-time to fund her studies.

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Nearly 350 people were killed or went missing as a result of the Ockhi cyclone that struck devastation in Tamil Nadu and Kerala between November 30 and December 3, 2017. In addition to other things, the Kerala state government announced that Rs 20 lakh would be distributed as a relief to the families of fishermen who were killed in the cyclone.

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