Desi Comic's Friendly Advice For Elon Musk on Running Twitter Involves a 'Broken Tabla'

Last Updated: December 21, 2022, 09:45 IST

Devesh Dixit’s take on Elon Musk’s Twitter deal impresses people. (L: Instagram/@deveshdixit; R: Reuters)

Desi comic Devesh Dixit has some advice for Elon Musk on how to run Twitter and it involves a story about a grandfather’s tabla.

Comedian and Instagram creator Devesh Dixit has come up with the perfect analogy to describe Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition situation. Since taking over, Musk has rolled out, rolled back, re-rolled out features and services on the platform not very unlike a pendulum, except without the predictability. Devesh’s analogy involves an anecdote about his grandfather buying a tabla and comes with some friendly advice for the billionaire.

He shared a story about how his grandfather saw a man playing the tabla- who had been playing it for 10-12 years- and claimed that he could learn to play it like that in a week. The man asked him to buy the tabla and he did. After bringing it home, however, he could not play it. He started hiring instructors to train him, who told him that he had no talent for it. He started firing the instructors (think: Musk firing most of Twitter staff, a veteran engineer who questioned him publicly, several people complaining they had not received official intimation about getting fired).

When everything failed, the grandfather took the tabla out, hoping to sell it, but found out that he had bought it for Rs 25,000 when it actually cost only Rs 5,000. Frustrated, he beat his head against the tabla, ending up smashing it.

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Devesh ends his anecdote with telling Musk that he has bought the tabla- Twitter- but even though he can retain his ownership, he should ideally let other people who know how to run the show run it.

“Translate karke samjha dena bhai ko,” Devesh wrote in the caption.

The video also made its way onto Twitter.

“Elon bhai”, are you listening?

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