'Don't Want One Bad Incident to Ruin My Travel to India': South Korean YouTuber Harassed in Mumbai

South Korean YouTuber Harassed in Mumbai. (Image: ANI)

South Korean YouTuber Hyojeong Park has opened up about being harassed on streets of Mumbai.

South Korean YouTuber Hyojeong Park after being harassed on a Mumbai street has said that she doesn’t want one bad incident to ruin her travel to India. While speaking to ANI, the YouTuber said, “Happened to me in another country too but at that time I couldn’t do anything to call Police. In India, action being taken very quickly. I’ve been in Mumbai for over 3 weeks, planning to stay longer: S Korean YouTuber Hyojeong Park, who was harassed in Mumbai while live streaming.” She further said that she does not want this one incident to ruin her whole travel and passion to show wonderful India to other countries.

This comes in as Hyojeong Park was sexually harassed on the streets of Mumbai as she livestreamed around the Khar area. A man tried to forcefully hold her hand and kiss her amid onlookers on the busy street. The entire incident was captured on camera. In the video, a man can be seen dragging the woman by the hand and seemingly asking her to go for a ride on his bike. Visibly uncomfortable, she refuses it and tries to tell him it’s because she’s wearing a dress. He goes on to try and kiss her as she resists.

A Twitter user called Aditya tagged the Mumbai Police and wrote, “A streamer from Korea was harassed by these boys in Khar last night while she was live streaming in front of a 1000+ people. This is disgusting and some action needs to be taken against them. This cannot go unpunished.” The police responded to the tweet and asked for details. Later, two men were arrested in the incident, news agency ANI reported.

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The two youths who were arrested by the Khar Police on charges of molesting the woman were identified as Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari.

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