Driving Test or 'Fast and Furious Audition?' Clip From China Leaves Internet Intrigued

Getting behind the wheel and driving a car is a thing that many people fantasise about as children. However, for some, becoming a legal driver is more difficult than they had anticipated. A video of a driving test in China recently surfaced on social media, leaving internet users stunned. The video was posted on Twitter with a caption that read, “Driver licence exam station in China.”

In the video, many obstacles are placed along a path with white outlines. Parking the car, making an eight, and driving in reverse are some of the challenges taken by the driver and all without touching the path’s outline. The video begins with the car moving on a zigzag trail. The driver was then seen backing up the vehicle and parking it. One of the five individuals who were standing next to the car at this time could be seen moving to the opposite side to observe if the driver had touched any outlines. A short while later, the driver was observed making an eight before reversing the vehicle for a longer route that included ascending and descending a track. At last, the driver was observed parallel parking, one of the trickiest manoeuvres for inexperienced drivers.

Watch the video below:

On seeing the video, several users commented on how difficult China’s driving test is. One of the users quipped, “Looks more like a fast and furious audition”. Another user gave their suggestion saying, “This is a horrible test. It didn’t test your skills in traffic at all. You can be amazing at this and still be a horrible driver”. A third user wrote, “Id fail. I can’t parallel park, let alone the idea of all that driving backwards”. “I’m passing this!! On the 3rd try,” joked one of the users

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Check out a few more tweets below.

The video shared on Twitter received over 11 million views and still counting.

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