DU Admissions 2022: How Will Delhi University's No Cut-off, CUET-based Admissions Work?

The Delhi University has begun the registrations for admissions to undergraduate courses offered by its affiliated colleges via the Common Seat Allocation System (CSAS) portal. With the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) 2022 result set to be announced soon, by September 15, DU has announced it will begin the second phase of CSAS after the scores are released.

Admission to DU through the CSAS will be conducted in three phases — submission of the CSAS 2022 application form, selection of programmes and filling of preferences, and seat allocation and admission. The CUET score will be required in the second phase of the process, which can only take place once the CUCET results have been announced.

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After the declaration of result of CUET (UG)-2022, candidates will have to select their programme, college combination and fill their preferences. The order of selection of programme and college combination will also determine the order of preference for allotment of seats.

Finally, candidates have to confirm the order of preference for the programme and college combinations by clicking ‘submit’. Change of programme and college combination merit list will not be allowed after the deadline.

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Once a seat is allotted in a particular round, the candidate has to ‘accept’ the seat allotted to him/her before the specified last date/time for the given allotment round. The provision for acceptance of a particular allotted seat will be valid only for the round in which the seat was allotted to the candidate.

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“There shall be no action taken in case the allotted seat is non-accepted by the candidate. This will be treated as a decline in the provisionally allotted seat and the candidate will no longer be able to participate in the subsequent rounds of CSAS-2022,” reads the official notice.

If a candidate is offered multiple seats in a particular round, he/she must accept only one seat. Once the candidate “accepts” the provisionally allotted seat, the concerned college will check the eligibility and documents uploaded by the candidate. After verification, the college will ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the provisionally allotted seat of the candidate. Once the college is approved, the candidate has to pay the ‘admission fee’. Successful remittance of admission fee will confirm the provisional admission of the candidate to the allotted college and programme.

Depending on the availability of seats vacant due to rejection, cancellation and withdrawal, the university may declare multiple allotment rounds. After the completion of the regular CSAS-2022 round, if the seats remain vacant, the university may announce the spot round of admission.

All the candidates who have applied for CSAS-2022 will be eligible for all the allotment rounds except those applicants whose allotted seat/admission has been cancelled due to any reason. Candidates who opt for “upgrade” will be considered in subsequent CSAS-2022 allotment rounds as per the availability of seats. University has also made such provision through which applicants can answer any query raised by the college during approval.

The upgraded candidate will have to ‘accept’ the upgraded seat and complete the admission process at the upgraded allotted seat. If a candidate does not perform any activity on the upgraded seat, it will be treated as cancelled by default and the candidate will be out of CSAS-2022. If a candidate does not upgrade, his/her previous seat admission will be retained. The candidate who has enrolled in the allotted seat and wants to continue should switch the ‘freeze’ on through his/her dashboard. After selecting ‘freeze’ the candidate will not be allowed to opt for “upgradation”.

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