‘Dumb Ways To Die’: Bengaluru Police's Creative Take On Reckless Driving Goes Viral

Last Updated: March 03, 2023, 18:35 IST

Man performing stunts on road. (credits: Twitter/@BlrCityPolice)

The video, posted by Bengaluru Police, features a young man performing stunts on his scooter.

Reckless DrivingThe Bengaluru city police put out a creative and attention-grabbing tweet to educate people about the risks of reckless behaviour on the road. In the tweet, they shared a video of a person performing dangerous stunts on a scooter. The city police took a no-frills approach in pointing out that this action was one of the many examples of “dumb ways to die”. Their post is surely a refreshing departure from the usual dry public service announcements.

In the video, one can see a youngster kneeling on the seat of a scooter and performing a wheelie. In other words, he is seen balancing the vehicle on its back wheel. The dangerous stunt does not end there, though. The youth also recklessly zigzagging the two-wheeler as other vehicles cautiously pass by.

The supers on the video read “dumb ways to die” as the eponymous song plays in the background. The tune comes from an Australian public campaign to promote railway safety.

In the tweet, the Bengaluru police department succinctly highlighted that one will either die performing stunts such as these, or get arrested if they do survive. “If you do survive, you know we’ll be waiting for you,” reads the post.

Since being posted on Thursday, the tweet has gone viral with over 166,000 views.

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People in the comments section pointed out how widespread the issue is. “Sir, this is common near Yelachenahalli Metro station. It happens at their will,” said one. Another complained that “this happens openly on Outer Ring Road near Mahadevpura on a weekly basis.”

Users angered by the youth’s behaviour demanded strict action not only against them but their parents as well. At the very least, they thought at least the license of the individual should be suspended.

Another praised the police’s approach towards generating awareness. “State police are creatively engaging the people. Very positive development in India,” they said.

The “dumb ways to die” video is a perfect example of how law enforcement agencies can use humour and creativity to convey important messages in an engaging way. This approach helps create a lasting impact and encourages citizens to take ownership of their own safety on the roads.

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