Elderly Man's Faceoff With Armed Thief Looks Straight Out Of An Action Movie

Last Updated: February 24, 2023, 17:38 IST

Visuals of a faceoff between the elderly man and the thief. (Image: Twitter/@robberyfaiIs)

In the clip, a thug wielding a firearm can be seen threatening a store’s employees to hand him the cash.

An elderly man turned saviour for the employees of a grocery store after lunging at an armed thug to avert a robbery. The CCTV footage of the event recorded inside the store has gone viral on social media. In the clip, a man wielding a firearm can be seen threatening the store’s employees to collect cash. After pointing the gun toward the cash counter, the thug aims it at an elderly man donning a cowboy hat. The elderly man quickly removes his glasses and when the robber gets distracted by the arrival of a lady in the back.

He quickly lunges at the thief to disarm him. As soon as the gun falls down, the thug resists the elderly’s grasp to move toward the weapon. But he is easily pushed, meanwhile, a store employee confiscates the gun. For a quick second, the thief and the man wearing a cowboy hat disappear out of the frame. But when the thief reappears he is shirtless this time and running away to escape. One of the store employees intercepts him to prevent his exit. The robbery is averted owing to the quick thinking of the man and the entire incident looks straight out of an action-movie scene.

Watch the video here:

The clip has garnered over lakh views on Twitter prompting many to laud the courage of the man. A user wrote, “Never pull on an old man in a cowboy hat. when he takes off his glasses, you are screwed buddy.”

Another wrote, “Wonderful work keep it up.”

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One more joined, “The exasperated removal of the glasses.”

Meanwhile, a user warned others to not make a risky move at such times for it could have life-threatening results, “It worked out, but it’s too risky and a wrong move. Just let the robber steal. He’s on camera. Money can be replaced(insurance, police, etc). But life is once gone, it’s gone forever. I am all in on safety.”

If the video is anything to go by, it appears that no major injuries were sustained by people involved in the scuffle. However, the details regarding the robbery investigation remain unclear as of yet.

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