Elephant Shows Off Its Sense of Humor in Viral Video by Mocking Companion Going Downhill

Last Updated: January 03, 2023, 17:55 IST

Representative Image (Photo Credits: Shutterstock)

IAS officer shares video of elephant showing its sense of humour by using easy technique to get downhill. Viral clip makes internet call them ‘the most beautiful animals’.

Whether it is waving their trunks in the air or flapping their ginormous ears, everything elephants do is the cutest antics ever. They are known to be not only highly intelligent but also quite social beings. Sometimes, this social behavior and the sense of humor that comes along with it can leave humans in splits. Take this elephant for example, who is mocking its companion’s method of going down a tiny step. The giant mammal taking the lead bends its hind legs before stepping down. It carefully reaches the ground and walks away. The creature behind it does the same. Only he decides it is best to tumble down instead. Not to worry, he dusts off the dirt and walks off uninjured. Take a peek at the clip here:

Social media users were in stitches over the mammal’s antics. While one mentioned they will never question an elephant having a sense of humor, another user said it was a smart way of getting down. A Twitter user wrote, “Elephants are the most beautiful creature on earth. I love elephants.”

“Oh yes! Now I know where the word mocking came from,” another user tweeted.

A tweet read, “Second one adopted energy saving option.”

In case you’re still not convinced that elephants are the most adorable creatures out there, this baby tusker will change your mind. In a clip shared on Instagram, a baby elephant is captured scratching itself from head to toe against a tree. Since its trunk is not much of a help, the mammal had to adapt. That’s a new skill unlocked. The baby elephant, named Nyambeni, even shifts its position to scratch itself better. The caption on the post read, “She may be tiny, but Nyambeni already has life all figured out. Many infants need a helping hand with things that are second nature to adult elephants, like scratching an itch or mud bathing — but not Nyambeni! She tackles everyday tasks with proficiency and passion that belie her young age. (For instance, this head-to-toe scratching session continued for a full five minutes!).”

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What do you think of these adorable giant mammals and their hilarious antics?

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