Elon Musk Causes Uproar With 'Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Vax' Meme, Insults Random Twitter User

Last Updated: December 29, 2022, 08:07 IST

Elon Musk sparked anger on Twitter with his meme. (Photo: AP)

Elon Musk’s meme is understood to be dissing several social movements like BLM, the LGBTQ and trans flags plus some news organisations and social media platforms. The last group also happens to include Twitter itself.

Elon Musk tweeted out a bizarre meme on Twitter that’s being deemed anti-LGBTQ and anti-a host of other causes. The meme shows a stick figure representing several groups of people with the pride flag, the symbol of Islam, vaccines stuck on its arms, left wing symbols, news organisations, the Black Lives Matter movement, a face mask, social media platforms (including Twitter itself) among others. This figure tells a Chad holding an American flag that he’s “brainwashed”. The meme is understood to be dissing the symbols represented by the stick figure as the Chad figure asks “really?” It implies that the stick figure is actually the “brainwashed” one.

“I’m not brainwashed!!” Musk captioned the tweet.

One Twitter user called out Musk on his stance about people choosing their own pronouns with a meme, to which the Twitter boss replied, “Yeah, I’m not a fan of pronouns when someone is giving every possible visual cue for he or she, but then still insists on telling you exactly what you expect. I do support pronouns that aren’t completely obvious based on visual cues.”

Musk also got into a little scuffle with a random Twitter user.

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“So just to be clear: One has diverse thoughts & opinions, plus a broad social network. The other one’s whole personality is the American flag. Yes. That is how being brainwashed works. Also, did anybody notice he put the Twitter logo on the person he’s trying to make fun of?” wrote one Twitter user.

Musk’s memes causing outrage is almost a regular affair on Twitter.

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