Fact Check: Babar Azam Did Not Sext Pakistan Cricketer's GF, Here's How 'Scandal' Started

Last Updated: January 17, 2023, 12:44 IST

The Babar Azam scandal started with a satirical tweet. (Via Twitter/@niiravmodi)

Babar Azam’s ‘sexting scandal’ has no basis in reality and it all started with a satirical tweet.

Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam landed in soup over what is being widely termed as a ‘sexting scandal’. As it turns out, the WhatsApp ‘leaks’ have no basis in reality and are the product of a parodic Twitter account’s satirical tweet. After the ‘scandal’ went viral and was run widely in the news globally, the Twitter account going by ‘Dr Nimo Yadav’ has clarified the matter. “Babar Azam sexting with gf of another Pakistan cricketer and promising her that her bf won’t be out of team if she keeps sexting with him is just I hope allah is watching all this,” the satirical tweet read.

“What a clown media we have, [media outlet] telecasted a dedicated show based on my satirical tweet and put nasty allegations on Babar Azam without even verifying the source of the news (me),” ‘Dr Nimo Yadav’ wrote. The account went on to tag many media accounts on Twitter to tell them it was a satirical tweet that started all this, trolling them in the process.

To critics, the account said: “On a serious note, to all who are saying you should not have done this. Don’t enjoy when I do this to people or party you don’t like. Second I don’t go to anyone here to RT or like my tweet in DM. Third it’s not my job Media is picking what news. Fourth I use twitter for my fun.”

Meanwhile, #WeStandWithBabar is trending in both India and Pakistan and people have been catching up to the fact that the original tweets were satirical or edited.

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