Flight Attendant Runs Behind Cat Mid Air After Pet Let Loose On Plane

Last Updated: February 02, 2023, 18:49 IST

Flight attendant picking up the lost tabby cat. (Image source: YouTube)

The flight crew made an announcement after spotting the cat wandering in the front end of the plane.

When you think of announcements on flights, you usually expect it to be some safety measures or at max, a communication about lost and found personal belonging. However, a bizarre announcement for a lost tabby cat had to be made by the crew of a United Airlines domestic flight from Dallas to San Francisco in the USA. The crew found the cheeky tabby that had fled to the front portion of the flight and was trying to reunite it with its owner at 37,000 feet in the sky.

A video of the incident has gone viral on the internet after being posted on the YouTube channel of ABC 7 Chicago. The flight attendant in the video can be heard asking the passengers if anybody missing a cat. Another crew member can be seen delivering the announcement on the aircraft’s passenger address (PA) system while another crew look for the cat. The crew member can also be seen sitting on her knee to grab the tabby cat. In the background, one can also hear the PA, “Missing a cat? Have you lost your cat? If you boarded with a cat…gato, it is running around the aeroplane. We’re going to need you to come and claim that.”

The flight attendant who got hold of the cat seemed uncomfortable while walking through the aisle, asking passengers if they were missing a cat. “Watch out guys. Anybody missing? Nope,” she is heard saying. The tabby cat escapes from her grasp and makes its way back to the front of the plane, where the first-class seats are located, leading one to question whether it was seeking comfort during the struggle. A young man is seen approaching and bringing his furry companion back to their seat at the end of the video.

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Several individuals dropped questions and expressed worries about the situation in the video’s comments section. One user commented, “I don’t get it. Why did the owner let the cat run loose? And since when are pets allowed in coach? The cat didn’t have a “support animal” vest on.” Another user wrote, “The flight attendant has apparently never held a cat before.”

The incident reportedly took place on December 30 and the visuals were recorded by a fellow flyer.

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