Flight Attendant Uses Sign Language to Communicate With Baby, Netizens Praise ‘Precious’ Gesture

Kids often create moments that are worth sharing, be it something funny, cute, or sweet. Their actions bring a broad smile to our faces, no matter what! But this time, it was a flight attendant who took it as his responsibility to make a baby smile in his ‘own’ language. The man tried talking to the toddler in ASL as the baby’s parents captured the ‘precious’ moment. The clip went viral on social media as netizens were all praises for the sweet gesture.

In the video posted by the deaf baby’s parents, Callie and Leo, the flight attendant could be spotted making some signs to the little one. In what is called ASL or American Sign Language, the man gestured to talk to the baby who looked stunned at first. However, in the later part, the baby understood the man’s language and tried replying.

According to the Los Angeles-based family, a flight attendant saw them talking to their child, Luca, in ASL and called for another flight attendant named Milo who learned the language in his free time. Callie and Leo loved the “inclusive” gesture by the flight as they went on to express their gratitude and appreciation.

“Hey, Hawaii Airlines…we love to see the inclusion! Thanks for making baby’s first flight a memorable one,” read the caption. It further included the baby’s parents sharing the anecdote as they wrote, “ As we were flying back from our trip to Hawaii our flight attendant saw us signing to Luca…He then brought up Milo (another flight attendant) who told us that during his long flight times spent in the air he has dedicated that free time to learning ASL!!! The way Luca lights up when he sees people use signs is the best thing in the world!! And this is why inclusion matters.”

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Netizens loved the beautiful gesture by the flight attendant and even demanded that he should get a raise. “This is so precious,” replied a user while another Instagrammer wrote, “INCLUSION IS SO IMPORTANT”. Some couldn’t get enough of the baby’s cute response as one of them said, “The fact that babies babble in sign is the cutest thing ever”. Others praised the airline and commented “Amazing airline and employee”.

According to Newsweek, Luca was diagnosed as deaf when he was six weeks old and has been using hearing aids to listen. His parents have learned ASL to communicate with their infant and ensure that he doesn’t miss out on communication while growing up.

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