Fog Alert: Follow These Tips And Tricks To Drive Safely and Avoid Accidents

Last Updated: December 21, 2022, 17:26 IST

Image Used for Representational Purpose (Photo: IANS)

Winter season has started and thick layers of fog has started engulfing various states, so here are the tips and trick to drive safely and avoid accidents

A thick blanket of fog has engulfed parts of Delhi, Haryana and Punjab as the winter season has reached its peak. The minimum temperatures have also hovered below normal limits, leading to reduced visibility. One of the major concerns amid dense fog is driving.

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Poor visibility on the roads to near zero is indeed a prominent reason for accidents during winter months. The best thing to do is to avoid stepping out with your vehicles even if you are confident about your driving. Keep a tap on weather forecasts and plan your schedules and trips accordingly. However, if it is not entirely possible to stay off the road while it’s foggy outside, hence the safety measures listed below must be strictly followed:

Keep Headlights on Low Beam

It is imperative to see and be seen when the visibility is already very low. Setting the headlights on a low beam can be of great help here. Keeping the headlights on high-beam is inadvisable because the fog reflects this light back, which only hinders the driver’s vision.

Mind your Speed

With poor visibility, it can get difficult to gauge the surroundings or react quickly enough to real-time road conditions – if you are speeding. Therefore, driving at a reasonably slow pace will always help you in avoiding collisions or other mishaps.

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Stick To Your Lane

It is difficult to figure out when someone is switching lanes amid dense fog. Other drivers can often get startled and this could lead to collisions. It is better to concentrate on one part of the road and stick to a single lane.

Keep Your Windows Clear

Keep your vision as clear as possible. Clean your windscreen on the inside as well as the outside to ensure that there are no impediments to your sight.

Do Not Overtake

The key to safe driving during foggy conditions is keeping patience. Do not attempt to overtake. Why? It can be distracting for the driver in front and can also catch them unaware, not giving them time to slow down.

Distance From Vehicles

It is advised to keep a sensible amount of distance with the vehicle ahead. This will give you enough time to react, slow down and stop when required. Pile-ups often take place when vehicles are following each other without keeping an appropriate gap.

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