Follow These Tips To Increase Your Lifespan

According to a recent research by MDVIP, a healthcare company, more people want to live longer, but are unsure of how to do so. The research reveals that over half of the respondents said that they want to live at least till 100 years while 87 per cent said that they want to take action to live longer and maintain good health. However, three out of every four respondents failed a simple 20-question Longevity IQ test, demonstrating that the majority lack sufficient awareness of the lifestyle factors that affect aging and longevity.

So how can one get accurate knowledge on this? Read further to know more.

Strong bones, muscles and immunity require vitamin D. Our bodies naturally create it when we are exposed to sunlight.

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Recent research has also shown a connection between optimism and lifespan. Optimism can encourage the mind to concentrate on happier, more uplifting thoughts and actions, which can diminish negative ruminating — thereby, lessening awareness and sensitivity to suffering. Additionally, optimism can contribute to a stronger sense of independence and aid in stress reduction. Free radical damage and oxidative stress over time can result in chronic health problems like heart disease, low energy, inadequate nutrient absorption, and elevated inflammation.

Mushrooms consist of four essential minerals that can help prevent premature aging in your body. Mushrooms are rich in Vitamin D, Selenium, Ergothioneine and Glutathione. In addition to having antioxidant characteristics, mushrooms also contain substances known as aromatase inhibitors that stop the production of estrogen, potentially lowering the risk of breast cancer. Additionally, it has been discovered that mushrooms are potent anti-inflammatory foods.

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Sleep is essential for the brain’s capacity to change in response to information. We will have more difficulty recalling information in the future, if we get too little sleep because we are unable to absorb what we have learned during the day. Seizures, migraines, high blood pressure and depressive symptoms all get worse. Immunity is weakened, which raises the risk of disease and infection.

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