Friends Scare Man With Dummy Snake, His Reaction Leaves Internet in Splits

Without friends, life is all dull and boring. When we are happy, they share a laugh with us, and when we are upset, they are the ones who lend their shoulders for us to cry on. With friends being an integral part of our lives, it is not uncommon for our best buddies to pull off harmless pranks on us once in a while. We often find videos that show a group of friends pranking one of their own on social media.

One such viral video has surfaced on the internet and left social media users in splits. The Instagram video shows a group of friends pranking one of their companions with a dummy snake.

The hilarious video opens with an African man cleaning his leaf-laden garden peacefully when someone hurls a dummy snake at him. The man, obviously terrified, jumps in fear, throwing the rake in his hand and screaming in fright. The dummy snake seemed so realistic that he couldn’t figure out that it was fake.

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It swirled and slithered, wrapping itself around the man’s legs as the latter jumped and hoped, trying to free himself from the grasp of the fake snake. Scared out of his wits, the man runs in circles, wheeling the entire perimeter of the garden as his friends laugh their eyes out at him.

Upon watching the video, Instagram users also expressed their rib-tickling reactions to the video in its comments section. “He is gonna have a heart attack,” pointed out one user. “Bro was fighting for his life,” remarked another. A third user jokingly commented, “Trauma forever. He won’t do yard work no more ever.”

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So far, the funny video has amassed more than 3.9 million views and received over 146k likes on the photo-sharing application.

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