From Feeding Sandwiches to Making His Bed, Woman Taking Care of Old Dog is Pure Love

A video of an elderly woman taking care of a pet dog has been melting hearts online. The clip, posted on Instagram, features text that suggests that the dog belongs to the woman’s nephew. Notably, the fury pet appears to be old as he has restricted walking. The video shows how wonderfully the woman is taking care of the pet and it’s too cute to miss.

From tucking the dog into bed, making sandwiches, giving medicines to applying cream to the curry friend’s elbow, the woman takes care of the pet in adorable ways. She also places grip stickers on his paws to keep the dog from falling.

“He’s so pampered I really cannot,” read the caption posted with the video.

Watch the video here:

The video was shared a few weeks ago and has received over 2 lakh views along with tons of comments. Praising the lady, one of the users wrote, “Ah bless this lady. So caring and loving to the pet”. Another user wrote, “this is the cutest thing ever”. “What a sweet lady. You know she loves that puppy,” a third user added”. Another user mentioned, “She’s a national treasure!! And, of course, he is, too”.

Some others also commented with many hearts, love-struck and other emojis.

However, this isn’t the first time a video of a pet has gone viral on the internet. Previously, a clip of a golden retriever went viral for his cleverness. In the video, the owner offered the dog two sides of the same waffle, one of which was burnt and the other perfectly cooked. When the owner placed the two waffles side by side, he witnessed his dog’s next moves, which completely stumped and shocked him. The dog examined the food carefully and assessed the situation before charging at the burnt toast and giving it to the house’s pet pig, who was delighted to receive the burnt piece.

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The video received over 69.7k upvotes on Reddit.

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