Funny Video Of Frog Pushing Another One From A Floating Bottle Cap Goes Viral

Almost everyone must have seen the Hollywood film Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. The film made many viewers teary eyed, but there were a lot of scenes which became a part of meme-culture as well. Now, a funny video featuring two frogs is going viral on the internet and many users are comparing it to the climax scene of Titanic in which Rose fails to save Jack as there was not enough space on the raft.

In this funny video, one frog is seated on a bottle cap floating in rain water. Another frog also tries to place itself on this cap, but the former pushes him off. In the 11 second video, this action is repeated numerous times. The funny part in this video is Titanic’s background music. This music provides a humorous effect to the whole video.

“Final scene of the Titanic…,” tweeted the user named Buitengebieden, who shared the video.

The video has gone viral on Twitter with over 13.5 million views. The video also evoked a lot of interesting reactions from viewers. Why is one frog trying to displace another from the bottle cap? Another user answered the question with an interesting fact. The user replied that in the Amazon milk frog species, females make more noise than males. They are also more active at night. These are the reasons female species find it difficult to sleep with male frogs in the same room.

Besides this amazing fact, one user shared a video of Jack performing all the scenes from Titanic with a cat. Equally hilarious are the horrified gestures of the cat. The user shared this video with the caption, ” Kitty version of Titanic.”

Apart from this humorous video, another user revealed startling information. The user wrote that there are a total of 3, not 2 frogs in this video. There is a male frog sitting on a female who is kicking the one trying to come up on the bottle’s cap.

More than 4 lakh viewers have loved the video. The video was retweeted 70 thousand times.

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