Gacek Is Not Just Another Cute Cat, He Is The Top Attraction In This Polish Town

Last Updated: February 20, 2023, 20:20 IST

This moody kitty lives in a cosy wooden box. (Courtesy: Instagram)

With an unblemished five-star rating on Google Maps, this black-and-white cat is the King of Kaszubska St.

A new tourist spot has ‘pawed’ its way to the top in in Poland’s Szczecin. It’s time for the loved local attraction, Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, to move over. The throne for the best-rated tourist attraction in town now belongs to a living monument that moves around wherever it likes and often ignores people. Are you thinking, “oh, like my pet cat”? Good going, then. Szczecin’s top-rated attraction is exactly that: a free-roaming feline who goes by Gacek. With an unblemished five-star rating on Google Maps, this black-and-white cat is the King of Kaszubska St.

Gacek, pronounced as “gats-ek”, means “long-eared bat” in Polish. Apt description if you look at the pictures. This moody kitty lives in a cosy wooden box and gets plenty of snacks from passers-by, captivated by its cuteness. Despite his laid-back lifestyle, this cat has prowled its way up to the top spot in town. Gacek has even outshined the city’s centuries-old castle as the hottest tourist destination.

According to the local news outlet wSzczecinie, Gacek began gaining attention in 2020 after visitors from tourists from neighbouring Germany posted a video of the feline on social media. The clip quickly went viral, racking up a whopping 4.5 million views. Gacek became a star overnight. Travellers from the world over flocked here to see the city’s new star.

But what’s the experience like for those who make the journey to see Gacek? According to visitors, it’s worth every minute, even if the cat doesn’t pay much attention to you. “It was worth travelling three hours to feel ignored by him. Recommended,” wrote one tourist. “I flew from Oslo with transit in Gdansk to see Gacek. As expected, he didn’t pay any attention to me, which made the experience fully wholesome,” shared another.

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However, not everyone is a fan of Gacek. One visitor complained that the feline stole their sausage, and others have expressed concern about his weight. The city’s animal shelter has even appealed to people not to feed him.

But despite the haters, Gacek remains the king of Szczecin and the apple of many travellers’ eyes. So next time you’re in Poland, make sure to stop by Kaszubska St. to see the city’s most purr-fect attraction.

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