Get Healthier, Thicker Hair With Nutritionist-Approved Tips

We all desire long, thick, and shiny hair. However, a lot of us struggle with hair-related problems like hair loss, and frail hair. Hence, we spend a fortune on over-the-counter hair care solutions that are sold in the market. Although receiving external care may provide relief right away, there are fewer chances of it helping with the root problem. And for this, it is advised to maintain a healthy diet to prevent hair loss and other related problems. If you are someone who has been longing to find solutions to obtain long and voluminous hair, then this post by nutritionist Pooka Makhija is for you.

While explaining that our hair growth has a lot to do with genetics, age and diet she shared the three ingredients easily available in the kitchens that will make you naturally gorgeous.


The collagen present in Amla is the reason why infusing it into your diet will help you attain your desired hair length. Furthermore, it is loaded with crucial fatty acids and vitamin C.

Flax seeds:

Inculcating two tablespoons of flaxseeds will provide you will 6400 milligrams of fatty acids, which, as a result, provides the hair with the necessary proteins. Also, it provides the hair follicles and skin with essential nutrients.

Curry Leaves:

The fact that curry leaves are abundant in beta carotene and vitamin E, which play a vital role in making the hair strong and lustrous, infusing it into your diet will provide you with excellent results. While explaining the benefits of curry leaves the nutritionist suggests infusing about 10-15 curry leaves in a glass of vegetable juice.

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Follow the above recommendations to make your hair grow to the length you want.

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