‘Ghar Ki Shaadi Dal Barabar’: Twitter’s Chitchat is All About Desi Mothers’ Never-Satisfied Attitude

Last Updated: January 08, 2023, 17:54 IST

Twitter talks about Indian moms and their ‘never-satisfied’ attitude, especially with ‘weddings’ after a user initiated the online chit-chat (Photo Credits: Twitter/@Iyengarish)

Twitter user shared how his mom found someone else’s marriage to be ‘the most beautiful one’ which sparked the conversation of Desi mothers never being satisfied with their ‘own’ things.

Desi moms have one thing in common and that is their ‘never-satisfied’ attitude! Why is it that they keep rooting for ‘Ghar ka Khana‘ while ‘Ghar ki Shaadi‘ takes a backside? Why are they not happy when their children eat less and are worried when they eat more? There are endless questions related to brown mothers and even more answers to each one of them because at the end ‘Maa to Maa hai’. While the topic remains out of the debate, some Twitter users tried to dig it in when a man shared about his mother’s sarcastic comment on his (or maybe not) wedding.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, a user named Rishi Iyengar tweeted, “My parents attended a wedding yesterday that my mom said was “the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever experienced”.” To which, he added, “I got married less than a year ago…” (Destroyed, then and there!)

This sparked a conversation about how Indian moms have a thing of finding ‘opposite fields’ attractive while never being satisfied with theirs. Some even shared their own experiences as one of them wrote, “I feel this. My mum once told my aunty, in front of me, that another girl in my class was the most beautiful girl at our year 10 presentation ball…I’m glad there wasn’t another bride for her to compare me with on my wedding day!” “If it’s any consolation, my wife has said that about every wedding we have attended together in our 44 years of marriage. I don’t think it’s actually a comparison,” said another.

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People also stated the realistic scenario of Indian weddings and explained, “Well… chances are your wedding was a chore and she was playing host. That’s why maybe.” Another user pointed out, “The most beautiful wedding she got to enjoy instead of ensuring everyone else is enjoying” while the third one commented, “Direct families are always too busy in the weddings to experience them. They always experience some third person’s wedding more coz there’s nothing to do but experience it.” Some even highlighted how mothers are always honest and sometimes ‘brutal’.

It’s just how things are or maybe how Desis see their own family weddings! But, in the end, do Indian moms never get satisfied with anything? Or do they just stick to “Ghar ki shaadi dal barabar”?

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