Girl Who Couldn't Walk After An Accident Is Set to Be a Doctor, Thanks to SSKM Kolkata

She wanted to be a doctor, and was preparing for that from her school days. In 2019, she fell from the third floor in an accident. After that, she couldn’t feel anything beyond her waist, and she couldn’t walk. Shivani, from Bihar, still focused on her dream to become a doctor. She competed for medical and got through. She is a first year student at SSKM, Kolkata. She would attend her classes on a wheelchair, but could not stand and attend practical classes. Though Shivani’s batchmates helped her a lot and almost carried her whenever required, she still couldn’t stand and work.

Shivani expressed her desire to stand and do practical work. The college authorities searched out every aspect to provide Shivani with a wheel chair with which she could stand and work.

SSKM authorities took up the issue and with the initiative of HOD of PMR Department Dr Rajesh Pramanik, Shivani now has been provided with a wheelchair on which she can stand. This wheelchair has been made by Madras IIT. The Bengal government contacted Madras IIT and did everything to give her this unique chair.

Speaking to News18, Shivani said, “Today, when I first stood up after a gap of three years with the help of this wheelchair, it was an emotional moment for me, I am very happy. I would like to thank government college authority of SSKM, they have reached out every place to make me stand, I would like to thank Rajesh Pramanik Sir and everyone who helped me. I would like to thank Dr HS Chabra of Delhi who gave me power to think that I can and also my batchmates, they carry me from one floor to the other.”

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As she was talking, there were tears seen in her eyes. Indeed, when she stood on Monday, all her batchmates, college authorities clapped and gave her confidence.

Dr Rajesh Pramanik, who played a very important role in this, told News18, “Government helped a lot, actually such chairs are imported and are costly, we searched everywhere and finally got it for Madras IIT, they gave us subsidised rate. We are very happy that now she can stand, we wish her best of luck.”

Shivani says she will never forget SSKM and she would definitely like to give her service as a doctor in future.

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