Google Pixel 7 Users Report Rear Camera Glass Shattering Randomly: What We Know

Edited By: Shaurya Sharma

Last Updated: December 28, 2022, 12:06 IST

At the moment, the problem appears to be restricted to the regular Pixel 7.

Multiple Google Pixel 7 users claim that their rear camera glass shattered without any physical damage. Here’s what we know about the the potential flaw.

Some Google Pixel 7 users have reported that the rear camera glass of their phones is shattering randomly—multiple users on Reddit and Twitter claim that the camera lens is shattering without any drops or physical damage.

Several Pixel 7 users have posted their ordeals online–-on Reddit and Twitter describing that their Pixel 7 unit, out of the blue, ended up with a broken rear camera lens. A user who goes by the name ‘clafa,’ claimed, “It was in my jacket pocket all by itself and when I reached for it I felt the shattered glass/plastic. Google won’t fix it…”

Users ascribe the problem to a ‘material flaw’ in the phone, and at the moment, the problem appears to be restricted to the regular Pixel 7.

Another user added “Same problem and I never dropped the phone. This is crazy as nothing has touched the back of my phone. Not a mark on it. The camera takes great pictures still, but who knows for how long.”

Affected Pixel 7 users who contacted Google Support were told that physical damage to their smartphones was not covered in the company’s warranty policy. This implies that if a device receives physical damage, such as a broken screen or water damage, it may not be eligible for warranty repair or replacement.

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“I was told by @madebygooglthat with no sign of physical damage it was my fault. Was quoted over $400 to fix,” a user who goes by the username @thverybestracer posted on Twitter.

While some users were offered replacements, others were declined. It remains to be seen how widespread the issue is, or is it a problem with only a certain batch.

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