Hairstyles That Are Going To Be The “IT” Factor In 2023

Last Updated: January 03, 2023, 08:30 IST

These celebrity approved hairstyles are definitely a must try this year. (Images: Instagram)

Which of these hairstyles do you plan to sport this year?

As the year 2022, draws to a close, we are already looking up to next year with anticipation with many things, including films, books, colour, and even hairstyles. Being pretty and fashionable is what everyone wants regardless of age. It is a daunting task to keep up with the latest hair fashion trends while also respecting our facial features.

For 2022, the wolf cut came out on top as the biggest beauty trend. Thinking about the hairstyle, 2023 can be varied by colours, cuts, accessories or nostalgic hairstyles. Let’s look at the trendsetter for the upcoming year that may make a call to your salon for an appointment.

Box Bobs

Bob haircuts are forever classics. The bob hairstyle has never been unpopular and they will see a dramatic resurgence in 2023. The look has been even witnessed on the recent red carpets. The classic bob style is an iteration that works wonderfully for fine hair. It is more squared and thick when styled straight.

Zigzag parting

Back in the 1990s, the rage for this hairstyle and you may thank personalities like Jennifer Aniston for this one. The zigzag parting for both loos and gathered folds helps to enliven the hair and sharpen facial features.

As slick as it can be

With ultra-straight and ultra-shiny tresses is a more glamorous alternative to the heavily layered hair trend. It is less messy and more groomed and can be either in blowouts or with slicker silhouettes.

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Butterfly cut

No matter how long or short your hair is, it is likely that the haircut can work regardless of age. It looks beautiful and has a modern take to it. This hairstyle adds glamour and volume to the look and works like a magic on all hair textures. It was quite popular in the 90s.


The amalgamation of both bob and pixie haircut is a pixie cut. More structured and shorter than a bob looks but is also not short as a pixie cut. The cut is too worn dishevelled and a bit unruly. It works wonders with straight hair as well as wavy hair.

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