Haunted? Uninhabited For Years, This Village Sees People on the Night of Kojagari Lakshmi Puja

No one lives in the village all year round. One day of the year the village people return to the village. Some say the reason is under-development. Others say that there is some other reason behind the village people not staying in the village. This village came to be known as ‘haunted village’. But the reason of the name is not yet clear to people of adjoin villages.

About 23-24 years ago, there were around hundred families used to reside in this village. Talking to some people who left the village said that number of criminal’s activities increased in the area near the quietude railway track. It is also popular among the people of nearby village that because of the fast movement of express train, a shaking used to happen to the houses located nearby and a noise, which made the place more ghostly.

While passing the Chittaranjan-Niamatpur road, there is a dirt road (now concrete) surrounded by forest on the left side. A little further along that road is Benagram. The residents said that there was no road in the village, no electricity in the village, no clean drinking water; in short, there was no communication system between the village and the city, so the villagers were forced to leave the village in 1998.

But they only return this time as residents of Benagram organized Kojagori Lakshmi Puja. After enjoying Lakshmi Puja, eating Khichuri Prasad, they go back to their home. Benagram becomes empty again. However, the words of the villagers have indicated that they may return to the village in the coming days. Because, now there is a road. There are electricity poles and many people are buying land and building new houses in the vicinity. A proposed bus stand is supposed to build. And that’s what the people of the area can rely on and come back.

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This village came to be known as ‘haunted village’. However, one night in Kojagari, everyone returned to the Lakshmi temple in the village. Lakshmi puja is held in village Lakshmi temple. All night worship of Maa Lakshmi. Then go back to your own home. But, this time return with high hope that we can return t their root as the place is holistically developing.

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