Having SIM Support Issues On Your iPhone 14? Here’s What Apple Wants You To Do

Some iPhone 14 series users are facing SIM support issues, and it seems Apple has understood the problem or at least knows about it. According to a company memo mentioned in this report by MacRumors, some people who’ve bought the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and even the 14 Pro Max are seeing a message that says SIM not supported.

Understandably, the users have been worried about this message, because they just bought the iPhones. The report goes on to suggest that after the message, the iPhone might stop working, which only adds to their worries.

But Apple is aware of this ongoing issue and it has mentioned that iPhone hardware has no issues, and it is most likely going to be fixed with a software update. Apple also suggests that users should wait for a few minutes to see if the message goes away and the iPhone starts working normally.

If the device still doesn’t work then the company advises users against trying to restore the device. Instead, they should head over to the nearest Apple Store or their service provider, get the device request submitted and have the issue resolved.

Well, this isn’t the first instance of issues with the new iPhones in the past few weeks. Many people have talked about issues with cameras on the iPhone 14 Pros, while the regular iPhone 14 had some issues of its own.

Most of them were linked to the iOS 16 version, which had some bugs which became evident when the new iPhones launched in the market. Apple has fixed some of the issues with an update, and the iOS 16.1 version should be a lot more stable than the first version.

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Apple iPhone 14 series has been available for a few weeks, while the new iPhone 14 Plus variant went on sale last week across the globe. Its demand has reportedly been lower than what the company expected, while the 14 Pros seem to be doing well once again.

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