Here Is What You Need To Do If You Are All Alone And Suffer A Heart Attack

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Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 15:11 IST

A heart attack might be one of the causes of sharp pain under the left rib cage. (Image: Shutterstock)

Be on high alert if you start facing any of the below-given symptoms, remember that the treatment should always start in an hour’s time. Read on to know more-

Over the last two years, we have seen how age has nothing to do with getting a heart attack and what is worse is the fact that it does not come with too many warning signs or triggers. Therefore, young or old, one must know how to tackle the situation or understand what to do while experiencing a heart attack when alone at home or while driving.

In a report published by Indian Express, Dr T S Kler, Chairman, Fortis Heart and Vascular Institute, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, stated, “Usually, men 45 years old or older and women who are 55 and above have an increased risk of suffering from a heart attack if they have co-morbidities like diabetes, obesity and stress, a family history of heart attack and are sedentary in habits.”

“Watch out for chest pain, particularly in the centre of the chest. Although this is an identifiable marker, the pain could radiate to the left arm, right arm, the torso, going up to the right side of the chest and the jaw. Do not ignore any kind of discomfort if it is of a type that you have not experienced before and lasts for more than 20 minutes,” he further added.

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If you are someone who has never had any breathing difficulties before and suddenly is facing a lot of trouble while breathing then it is for sure a major concern that needs to be looked into.

Dr Kler also mentions that “Relax and do not panic, have a Sorbitrate (5 to 10 mg) under your tongue. If you get relief from discomfort, then chances are you had a cardiac event. You can take any standard aspirin tablet (300 mg), Clopidogrel (300 mg) and Atorvastatin (80 mg) at the same time. Then you should go to the nearest hospital for an ECG. Even if you do not have a cardiac event on examination, then all these tablets are safe and will not cause any side-effect in an emergency use scenario. Chewing on aspirin within 30 minutes of the onset of symptoms inhibits platelet development and delays the formation of blood clots. By chewing the medicines, you help them get easily absorbed into your bloodstream.”

In a situation which is as tense as this, you are likely to suffer a panic attack but even though it is much easier said than done, try to keep yourself calm, take a Sorbitrate and lie down once you have sent an SOS text to your friends and family or have called them.

It might get to a point where you may start to sweat profusely but it is imperative to think the situation through and call an ambulance as soon as possible. If you are facing these issues while driving then it is best to park your car somewhere and call for a medical emergency. No matter how big or small the matter is, one should get their ECG done soon after and the treatment should ideally start within one hour of getting these symptoms.

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