Here's Why Tapi Family Performed 'Statue' Wedding of Couple That Died By Suicide Last Year

Last Updated: January 18, 2023, 18:53 IST

Families arrange ‘idol’ wedding for couple that died by suicide last year (Photo Credits: News18)

The couple that died by suicide last year in Tapi after their families refused their marriage gets hitched in a unique way. The relatives created their idols to perform the wedding rituals

Tapi: A strange matter has come to the fore in the Tapi district of Gujarat. Last year, a couple committed suicide in Newala village of Nijar Taluka due to the family’s opposition to their marriage. Interestingly, the families have now realised their mistake and accepted their marriage, but how? They created the lovers’ idols and performed all the wedding rituals after a year of their deaths. No doubt, this has now become a hot topic of discussion among not just the localites but the internet as well. While many such suicide cases occurring in Tapi have come to the fore, this is a special one.

Last year, Ganesh Padvi and Ranjana Padvi of Tapi were left disappointed after their families refused to accept their relationship. Along with that, families’ ill talks and taunts added to their dismay which broke them to the core. Losing their calm, the love birds decided to end their lives. They hanged themselves to the tree and died by suicide.

Later, having realised their mistakes, the families repented in a unique way. They decided to unite the ‘unfortunate couple’ that left the world due to their families’ refusal. The relatives decided to create idols of the deceased man and woman to get them married following the tribal customs. Soon, the ‘statue’ couple tied the knot on January 14, 2023. An ‘ideal marriage’ of an ‘idol couple’!

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This has, indeed, emerged to be a one-of-its-kind instance when the non-existing couple was hitched after bidding goodbye to the world. Strange but true! They ‘creatively’ prove that anything and everything is possible until a ‘clueless’ human decides to put down the baton of the real world. People are left with no other option but to raise their eyebrows at the unrealistic situation.

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