Homeowner's Hilarious Reaction to Botched-Up Makeover of House Leaves Netizens in Splits

Last Updated: December 27, 2022, 18:22 IST

Honesty is the best policy. Until you add in a tad bit of disappointment and a dollop of “savage” comments, that is. Then, honesty is the definition of hilarity! One disappointed homeowner, John Geoghegan’s honest reaction to the hideous makeover his bedroom was given is a testament to this! John’s sharp words, dry humour, and priceless facial expressions were caught unrestrained on camera in 2015 on the British reality TV show, “Your Home In Their Hands”. His response to the new splash of colour on the bedroom walls has left people in splits!

The short clip from the series shows the Geoghegan husband and wife nervously entering their house after its makeover for the first look. Led in by presenter and interior designer Celia Sawyer, the two appear pleasantly surprised after looking at the living room. Rachel says it’s completely changed, while John says he really likes it! The colour combination here appears dull, but the couple agrees: so far, so good.

Then, the couple entered the bedroom, whose walls had been plastered with the flashiest yellow floral wallpaper one ever saw. A kitschy chair and blue wardrobe with a rustic finish add even more colour to what is already a crayon box of a room. The couple is surprised again (except there is nothing pleasant about it this time).

While speaking about how she feels about the room, Rachel is evidently trying to be polite, looking for things she can like– they are limited to the wardrobe, the bed, and the lights. John is much more honest, though. “Nah, it’s too much. For me, it’s too busy. I wouldn’t have done anything like it, and I don’t like it. You’re supposed to be able to sleep in a bedroom, and it’s like a kid’s play area,” he says, expressions speaking much louder than his words.

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“It’s hideous, I think it’s even too much for Rachel if she was to tell the truth,” he adds. Sawyer seeks to confirm this with Rachel, who repeats she likes the wardrobe, the bed, and the overall theme. Netizens, however, think she looks like she’s about to cry!

When asked what he would like to tell the designers, John warns, “Don’t touch the other room.”

In a different shot, when Rachel says it might “grow on you”, an unconvinced John is heard quipping, “fungus grows”! People in the comments section have found his remarks hilarious!

“Might grow on you. – Fungus grows and that’s horrible. – Best reply ever,” one comment read. Another user wrote, “there’s colour here now Rachel! no there isn’t you can see it’s drained from her face when she saw that room.”

We’ve got to agree with those…astute assessments!

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