How I Cracked JEE Advanced and Secured a Seat in IIT Bombay

One of the most prestigious and competitive exams, students must be thorough with the syllabus and exam pattern of JEE Advanced. Once you are aware of what will be asked in the exam, you can start your preparation accordingly. It is important to have a correct approach to fix wrong questions and stick to a proper study plan.

This will give you an idea about the type of questions that will be asked and also help improve your speed and accuracy; don’t forget to attempt previous 5-10 years’ question papers. You need to devote sufficient time to each subject and ensure that you revise regularly. This will be helpful in remembering what you have studied and identifying any areas that are your weaknesses and require more work.

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Maintaining good health is as important as practicing and studying. Therefore, to focus and perform better, aspirants must include a healthy diet plan in their lifestyle and take a minimum of six to eight hours of sleep.

IIT Bombay is always a dream college for many students. To secure a position at the institute, you must rank under 1000 and for the same, you need to get a command on all three subjects PCM.

How I managed to crack IIT Bombay

I learned more about engineering as a career option from my friends and seniors when I was in Gaya, Bihar. I came across many advertisement posters of JEE and medical entrance coaching in Gaya but could not afford the high fees of these private coaching centers.

Fortunately, I got selected in Super30 and it was my honor to learn from Anand Kumar sir. We spent 14 to 15 hours every day studying and never forgot the purpose of why we were there, which always motivated us to work towards it.

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Chemistry was my weakness and there was another guy who was weak in Mathematics. So, we helped each other.

There was also a point when I wasn’t confident about my language preference so I asked Anand Sir if I could appear for the paper in Hindi as English wasn’t one of my core strengths. He told me that even if I attempted the paper in Hindi, I would still have to deal with the English language when I joined IIT. He explained that I should not run away from my weakness because there’s no getting away with it as it is a part of you and one must work on them. This motivated me and boosted my confidence.

The most important thing to do for any student is to fix the wrong questions. Never leave any past question unresolved. Just meet any teacher, any senior, or classmate to resolve those in the next 1-2 days of the identification. I remember I had one of my friends energetically helping me in chemistry. He went to IIT Roorkee.

In 2010, I appeared for the JEE. Even though I had done my preparation, I still skipped questions carrying more than 20 marks in physics because I could not understand the English paragraph due to a few keywords.

In the entrance examination, I scored 237 out of 400 and ranked 997. I had the option of studying computer or mechanical engineering in any of the lesser-known IITs. But I opted to study civil engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, because I wanted to come to Mumbai and become an entrepreneur.

Chemistry is quite easy in JEE as compared to physics and math. To get a good score in chemistry, especially in organic and inorganic stick to the NCERT textbook of 11th and 12th. Physics is more conceptual and tricky which requires a lot of practice but the good thing is that if you are clear with the concept, you will be able to solve any level of questions. For physics, just study HC Verma, and if you still get the time you can refer to additional books or study material.

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Generally, physics questions are created involving multiple concepts or topics. Hence, if the basics are clear you won’t get confused or have trouble solving them. Math is always considered the toughest subject in JEE Advanced and to get command of the subject, rigorous practice is required.

Tips to secure a good Rank in IIT Entrance

Students of 11 and 12 aiming for a seat at any IIT, must divide their life into seven slots — sleep well slot, self-care, school, coaching, no study only chill slot, self-study, homework for school and coaching.

Keep this order. Be consistent and never compromise on your self-study. Your school teachers may feel bad but be advised you can skip some school work if it is only contributing 1-5 marks to your board results. Once you have completed more than 50 per cent syllabus this habit of self-study will help you. You can focus and fix all the wrong questions from previous mock exams.

You should prepare for math and physics with a different approach and chemistry with a different approach. For PCM, allot one hour each self-study daily. You should start your study with the strongest subject first and weakest last. Physics and math must be done with pen/paper or marker on the white erasable exam pad. We used to write on the tiled floors of the lodge we have been provided by Super30.

Chemistry and biology must be mugged up as much as you can. Try the method of closed eyes. This increases the focus by three times. Morning 5 am to 11 am is the best mugging time. The late evening should be allotted for practice and solving.

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Whenever you take a mock test do not stop there. Make sure you are making a notebook for questions you did wrong. Keep it and store all the wrongs over time. Trust me this will be your result giver. Win one wrong question every day by taking the help of teachers, experts, or friends and you will have 365 questions corrected in a year.

I used to scan a lot of solved problems in maths and physics. Scanning means just looking at them and knowing the key steps to remember. During the last moments of the exam period, students start getting unproductive thoughts so avoid that and believe in yourself. Stay confident during the exam and the most important thing for preparing for any competitive exam is clearing doubts regularly.

— Written by Anup Raaj, Founder of Instaprep by 7Classes, IITB and Super 30 Alumni

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